ADHD Empowered

Providing specialised ADHD Coaching – empowering you to understand your unique brain wiring, play to your strengths and take charge of your life

Providing specialised ADHD Coaching – empowering you to understand your unique brain wiring, play to your strengths and take charge of your life

What is
ADHD Coaching

What is ADHD Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative, strengths-based partnership that facilitates powerful conversations enabling you to move forward.

ADHD coaching is a specialised field built on extensive research, knowledge and experience of understanding ADHD and how it impacts those diagnosed with ADHD or exhibiting ADHD traits.

ADHD coaching recognises that ADHDers think differently. It helps you understand your unique brain wiring and the strengths that come with it. It enables growth and self-awareness, empowering you to clarify your goals, make conscious choices and take focused action in a way that is aligned with who YOU are.

Who is it for
  • Children and families
  • Middle / high school / college students
  • Parents
  • Adults / professionals
  • Women (often uniquely affected by ADHD)
  • Teachers and teaching staff

How it can help you​ Improve
  • Productivity
  • Time management
  • Planning and organisation
  • Communication
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills and relationships

ADHD is not a Disability. It is a different Ability. “

How I Can Help

My Approach

I create a safe environment for clients to go through this journey, empowering them to develop their social skills, strengthen their executive function skills, and work on the application of these skills in a workplace, school or family setting.

I help clients:

  • Understand how their brains work
  • Discover their strengths, and how to play to them
  • Clarify their goals, defeat procrastination and advocate for themselves
One-to-one Coaching
  • Personalised approach
  • Uncover mental blocks
  • Customised strategies
Group Coaching
  • Tackle common obstacles
  • Support system extending beyond coaching
  • Small groups, 10-15 participants
  • Weekly sessions, 4-6 weeks


  • Supporting parents and students in advocating for their needs and
    accommodations at school / college
Parent Education
  • 10 session course
  • Classroom strategies and effective communication

Let’s make ADHD your Superpower!

About Me

Marium Jafari
BA Hons (UK)
I am a certified ADHD and Executive Function Skills Coach and I work with clients online across Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane).

My journey
I graduated with a business degree from the UK and initially worked in the corporate sector. After having my second child, I retrained as an early years educator and worked in international schools in Hong Kong.

As I came across neuro-diversity, I saw how incredibly misunderstood it was. I saw first-hand and experienced the struggles of adults, families and children who had received an ADHD diagnosis, and did not know how to navigate the misinformation that surrounds ADHD, or where to turn for support.

My core values of empathy and fairness drove me to embark upon a journey that included intensive ADHD research and education. I undertook specialist training in ADHD Coaching with a leading certified ADHD coaching institution in the US.

I work with adults, families and children from the US to New Zealand. I am passionate about supporting adults and families in their ADHD journey, helping them uncover their strengths and leverage these to fulfil their potential.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do Better.”
~ Maya Angelou


“I would highly recommend Marium to anyone looking for help with managing their ADHD. She is amazing, she is both understanding and very knowledgeable. I had tried many different approaches before but nothing really helped me.

Marium, and her empathetic coaching style has been transformative for me. I now understand how my ADHD affects me and how I can deal with the challenges I face. I don’t have to do things the way others do.

Thanks to Marium, I see myself positively and I have made incredible improvements at work.”  –  Sam

“Marium at ADHD-empowered truly understands what it means to parent a child with ADHD. She is compassionate, experienced and honest in her coaching.

From daily fights to a happier and calmer family – she has helped me become a calmer parent and being coached by her has been life changing for us. We so desperately wanted to help our children, but were doing all the things that were unhelpful to our daughter and son.

Marium has worked patiently with us to show us how we can actually provide the support the children need. When we made mistakes she was understanding and supported us instead of blaming us.

We are so lucky to have found her. I would highly recommend Marium to all parents who want to learn that we as parents have to make changes to help our children. Marium’s coaching is invaluable.” – Jennifer

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