ADHD Empowered

About Me

Marium Jafari
BA Hons (UK)
I am an ADHD and Executive Function Skills Coach, based in Asia. I work with clients in person and online (from the UK to Australia).

My journey
I moved to Hong Kong from the UK with a 10-month old baby and a two-year plan. A second child and career shift later, it is now 10 years since I first called this city home.

With a business degree from the UK, I worked in the corporate sector. After having my second child, I retrained as an early years educator and worked in international schools in Hong Kong.

As I came across neuro-diversity, I saw how incredibly misunderstood it was. I saw first-hand and experienced the struggles of adults, families and children who had received an ADHD diagnosis, and did not know how to navigate the misinformation that surrounds ADHD, or where to turn for support.

My core values of empathy and fairness drove me to embark upon a journey that included intensive ADHD research and education. I undertook specialist training in ADHD Coaching with a leading certified ADHD coaching institution in the US.

I now work with adults, families and children, and am passionate about supporting them in their ADHD journey, helping them uncover their strengths and leverage these to fulfil their potential.