ADHD Empowered

How I Can Help

My Approach
I create a safe environment for clients to go through this journey, empowering them to develop their social skills, strengthen their executive function skills, and work on the application of these skills in a workplace, school or family setting.

I help clients:
  • Understand how their brains work
  • Discover their strengths, and how to play to them
  • Clarify their goals, defeat procrastination and advocate for themselves
One-to-one Coaching
  • Personalised approach
  • Uncover mental blocks
  • Customised strategies
Group Coaching
  • Tackle common obstacles
  • Support system extending beyond coaching
  • Small groups, 10-15 participants
  • Weekly sessions, 4-6 weeks


  • Supporting parents and students in advocating for their needs and
    accommodations at school / college
Parent Education
  • 10 session course
  • Classroom strategies and effective communication