ADHD Empowered

What is ADHD Coaching

What is ADHD Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative, strengths-based partnership that facilitates powerful conversations enabling you to move forward.

ADHD coaching is a specialised field built on extensive research, knowledge and experience of understanding ADHD and how it impacts those diagnosed with ADHD or exhibiting ADHD traits.

ADHD coaching recognises that ADHDers think differently. It helps you understand your unique brain wiring and the strengths that come with it. It enables growth and self-awareness, empowering you to clarify your goals, make conscious choices and take focused action in a way that is aligned with who YOU are.

Who is it for
  • Children and families
  • Middle / high school / college students
  • Parents
  • Adults / professionals
  • Women (often uniquely affected by ADHD)
  • Teachers and teaching staff

How it can help you​ Improve
  • Productivity
  • Time management
  • Planning and organisation
  • Communication
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills and relationships